Discover the local cuisine of Erikousa by tasting some of the traditional dishes prepared with the local produce

Discover the local cuisine of Erikousa by tasting some of the traditional dishes prepared with the local produce

At Hotel Erikousa you will have the opportunity to taste some of the local dishes cooked after traditional recipes. Most of the times the vegetables, the fish and meat used in the dishes of menu are of local produce making them not only much tastier but also very healthy.

Here, the Greek salad is so refreshing like the summer breeze, the olive oil is made of local olives, the vegetables have the taste we used to enjoy as children...tender zucchinis, tasteful cucumbers and juicy tomatoes rech our plates directly from some vegetable garden of the island. The various meats are grilled or cooked with aromatic herbs and intensive spices ensuring a gastronomic joorney from East to West, while the freshly-caught fish grilling on the charcoals make the cats of the hotel go crazy and the guests mouths watering.

The centuries-long Venetian occupation of the Ionian Islands inevitably also affected the local cuisine which adopted many of the Venetian recipes. New products like corn, tomato, beans, peppers and even coffee and chocolate invaded the local cuisine at that period. Being both Mediterranean countries, Italy and Greece, have always had a common basis in their diets (olive oil, vegetables, pasta, herbs) throughout history and therefore it was easy for the people in Corfu and Erikousa to adopt recipes from the Venetians, always with the necessary adjustments. These recipes and tastes hide a centuries-long traditional in them and those you will be able to enjoy in Erikousa.

And, yes, eating culture on Erikousa is all about tradition and healthy food. Each meal here is a celebration of tastes reminding us how much we should value our food. Each meal is prepared with love and care, as it would be prepared in every Greek house if you were a guest there with the entire Greek family sitting around the table, under the pergola in the garden a hot summer noon or in the evening under the stars. The tables at the Restaurant of the hotel are also set under the vine pergola, with abundant love, and only the freshest is served hereÖfrom fish and sea-shells caught from the local fisherman the same morning to the meat, poultry and dairy that might come from a local farm along with the locally grown vegetables.

The cooking culture at the Hotel Erikousa is full of original Greek and tastes...oregano, basil, parsley, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, extra virgin olive oil. A celebration for the senses and your good health, this is what you will experience at the restaurant of the Hotel Erikousa.

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