Reaching the island of Erikousa

The harbour of Erikousa is protected by the winds and safe for you to come with your own vessel if you wish. You can anchor at the harbour or in the open sea close to a beach. There are also regular boat excursions organized from Corfu town or Agios Stefanos to Erikousa. At Agios Stefanos, Sidari and Acharavi you can also come using the Green Bus service of Corfu (KTEL) which regularly connects Corfu town with these towns and from there take the boat and come to Erikousa.
3Ag Stefanos

Ferry Timetable

Routes & Time Schedules to Erikousa

The timetable for Erikousa from Corfu town is on that link

From Sidari timetable you can call Captain Miltos +30 6980741820

From San Stefano is on that link

** Here are some of the routes and time-schedules to Erikousa. Hotel Erikousa is not responsible for any changes regarding this information. Please contact the reception of the hotel if you need further assistance on +30 26630 71555.

Last but not least, don't forget that you can always use the heliport of the island after obtaining the necessary license from the Civil Aviation Authority!

For more information, please contact Corfu Port or our reception.

Corfu Port   +30 26610 32655

Hotel Erikousa Reception   +30 26630 71555

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