5 Days Proposal

On the inviting island of Erikousa you will have the opportunity to discover its history and natural beauties by visiting its numerous settlements, by following the paths that lead through the island, by exploring hilltops, beaches, coves, small forests, centuries-old olives presses and churches; and most of all by getting mingled with the friendly locals.

Here we have prepared for you a 5 days’ proposal with all the activities you can do during your stay on the island.

1st Day:

The beach of Porto is the first picture you get from the island when you arrive here. Approaching the small port of the island with the boat you see the long golden sanded beach of Porto with its crystal-clear water stretching for some distance to the East and the only thing you want is to get off, leave your luggage at the hotel and run down to the beach. Small fish and urchins are plentiful at the rocky sides of the beach. A marvel for those who love them! Exploring the long beach also check the peculiar synthesis of the hills behind the beach formed by layers of clay, perfect for those self-prepared beauty masks! Your first day on Erikousa should be devoted to total relaxing and better acquaintance with the village. We suggest you to spend the whole day by the beach, pop at the hotel for a meal or coffee break and just lay on the beach till the moon comes out! By the moment you dive into the refreshing waters of Porto you will have left everything behind you. Your holidays will have just started!


2nd Day:

After the first revitalizing day on the beach, on the second day, we suggest that you limit up your adrenaline levels. Take the mountain bikes available for free at the hotel and start your tour around the island. There is a map available at the hotel showing you all possible routes you can follow (others are longer, others are shorter). The routes are designated with different colours and on your way, you will encounter the respective shields leading you correctly to your destination. On this tour around the island, you will see some of the unique flora and fauna preserved on Erikousa. Out of the about 1500 only in Greece growing flowers, the 345 grow on Erikousa and 2 of them have been characterized as rare. Different types of trees: Judas trees, acacias, prickly junipers trees along with Mediterranean bushes, dense olive groves and other evergreen trees will make you wonder if this is indeed a Greek island or some exotic paradise. The North-West side of the island features steep rocky coasts and its northern point is called Cape Skotini. Just above this Cape there is the highest spot of the island, called Santardo (130m high). In order to get there you have to ascend from Fyki to the settlement of Dendra, which is among the largest of the island. Following the earth-road leading direction north out of the settlement, at some point you will reach Santardo. And the views from there will be worth every drop of sweat you poured to get up there! Round tour on the island!


3rd Day:

One of the most interesting activities on the island includes exploring the old churches of Erikousa. Traditional Greek Orthodox churches with icons and frescoes, wonderful architecture, warm colours and inviting to anyone who would like to explore them, the churches of the island are open and welcoming to take a moment of insight, irrespectively of the visitor’s religious beliefs. For instance, the church of Agia Triada, built in 1906, still preserves its wonderful stone bell tower and at the church of Agios Nikolaos you can admire some unexpectedly interesting frescoes. Another revealing adventure can be the exploration of the old olive presses of the island. These are traditional olive presses which are still in use today and it is there where the locals produce their olive oil every year. Try the local olive oil in the traditional dishes of the island and if you like it (and we bet you will) you can buy some at the local mini markets. This day is devoted to the pleasure of the mind…and the five senses. Wonderful scenery accompanied by the buzz of the cicadas, the taste of the olive oil, the smell of the blossomed gardens…pictures, sounds and smells that will remind you something of your childrenhood. If you like photography this is the day you can call a photo-shooting day. Take some close pictures of the white wild lilies on the beach of Porto or the lilac blossoms of the heather, the white beach at Bragini and the green trees behind it reflecting on the sea…the steep cliffs on the West coast, the lighthouse, the old windmill and so many other themes you will discover on your own.On this day you could also visit Fyki (where the old port of the island used to be) and the old Milos.


4th Day:

Another swim-day! At Bragini this time. On this beach you will feel like ship-wrecked on an isolated island. Palm trees and other evergreen trees give their shadow to the visitors of this exceptional beach. Fyki is another beach you could visit on this day. For those keen to diving, the sea-bottom of this beach is paradise. The beaches of the island are safe and ideal for children as most of the times they are protected by the winds and not very deep. The rocky West coast is perfect for those who want to practice diving and spear-fishing. A full day on the beaches of the island…the perfect chill-out before your journey comes to an end…


5th Day:

Last day. Check-out and last time breakfast at the hotel come with an indelible smile on your face…your heart is full, your mind, too. Not until you come to Erikousa, you won’t be able to imagine the power this island can force on you. The ship taking you back to Corfu will arrive, but your luggage will be full of memories…and we hope to see you again next year!


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