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An idyllic location, just a few steps from the beach

Hotel Erikousa is a family hotel at an idyllic location, just a few steps from the beach and Ereikousa port.It was built in…, a few meters from the coast, to provide carefree and relaxed moments. Hotel Ereikousa is an oasis where guests can relax, indulge in local flavors or simply soak up the peaceful environment.

Hotel Erikousa is a special place to spend your holidays offering authentic Greek hospitality that will make your holiday a truly unique experience.The island was named after the plant “heather” (a member of the plant family Ericaceae) that grows everywhere on the island. Erikousa is often also called “Merlera” as mentioned by the cartographers of the 16th century. The island measures about 5 sq km. and administratively it forms an independent community belonging to the Prefecture of Corfu. Lavish green landscapes, crystal-clear beaches and unexplored sea-caves treasure their secrets for you to discover them. Erikousa from above looks like an isolated exotic island, like those you wouldn’t mind to be shipwrecked on for a few months…

as many as you would need to fully experience moments of peace and tranquility and explore all the sights of historical, cultural and ecological interest on the island.. Generously endowed with distinct natural beauties, Erikousa welcomes you with a bright smile about 8 nautical miles North-West of Corfu. Ultimate piece of inhabited land in northwestern Greece with 150 permanent residents, Erikousa belongs to the Diapontian Islands – a complex of two more inhabited islets and a few more with no inhabitants – it is washed by the waters of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea and it enjoys the benefits its magnificent geographic location. Experience the scenic beauties of Erikousa and live unforgettable moments on this small paradise on earth.

Hotel Rooms

Stay with us!

The hotel features 20 rooms. All rooms are recently refurbished and are cosy and welcoming while providing endless sea views.

Services & Amenities

Every room at the Hotel includes all those comforts you expect.

Cable TV


Free access to WiFi



Hair dryer

Air condition

Safe box




Our sea view hotel and the island of Erikousa.



Erikousa, the most northern island of the Ionian Sea, 8 nm from North Corfu and the second biggest of the island complex called “Diapondia Islands”. Named after the bush “Reiki” which flourishes during October and...
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Restaurant & Bar

Our sea view restaurant provides exceptional dishes of local specialties made with local ingredients. You may also pair your meal with a glass of wine from our wine list. Fish is a must-try dish, as local fishermen bring fresh...
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Healthy mind, healthy body… The island Erikousa is a natural retreat, a destination to escape the busy days of the cities, the noise, the anxiety and pressure. It is a natural refuge for body and soul and your relaxation is guaranteed here...
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How to Come

The harbour of Erikousa is protected by the winds and safe for you to come with your own vessel if you wish. You can anchor at the harbour or in the open sea close to a beach. There are also regular boat excursions organized...
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