Things to do

Erikousa is a natural retreat, a destination to escape the busy days of the cities, the noise, the anxiety and pressure. It is a natural refuge for body and soul and your relaxation is guaranteed here. Of course, while for some, relaxation is a synonym for lying all day long on the beach, for others, the term would rather include activities that will exercise body and mind!

On Erikousa you can spend your day exploring the island by bike (you can actually go all around the island by bike), diving in the sea, swimming in the several beaches of the island, play beach tennis or volleyball, enjoy a game of basketball or football at the community’s basketball/football field respectively, you can explore the island by foot, call a day a photo-shooting day…the natural beauties of Erikousa will give you endless inspiration for some great frames! Hidden byzantine churches, traditional houses, colourful gardens, small forests, lonely beaches, great sunsets and the most amazing overview of the island from the heliport! On the other hand, for those who can’t live their vacation far from the beach, the beaches of Erikousa are full of thrills for those seeking the adventure by and in the sea…the West coast (behind Cape Katergo) is rather rocky and a must-stop for those keen to diving and underwater fishing/spearfishing.
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